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A 2013 study by analytics company KISSmetric even found. Twitter users were more likely to buy from brands they follow on the site by a margin of 64 percent. And that’s just one statistic about a site that has the power, arguably greater than any other social network. Buy Twitter accounts To connect with customers and to create loyal brand advocates. In this chapter, we’ll explore some of the ways to make this a reality for you.


Twitter Profile Setup Strategy No stellar Twitter strategy is complete without a profile built to knock the socks off your customers. So let’s get started with some indispensable setup and optimization tips. Top Twitter username, and a tip for the Name box Your Twitter username is extremely important. As it will make up part of your Twitter profile URL the address. You can put on all of your marketing material to direct people to follow you on the social network.


Try to keep your username short, simple and memorable. Most companies use their brand name as their username. So that their address reads buy verified Twitter accounts. Unlike most other sites, Twitter will allow you to change your username as many times as you like via its Settings menu. But it’s worth remembering that if you’ve publicized one username for a while. Unexpectedly switching to a new one would not make good business sense.

Although Twitter says Enter your real name, so that people can recognize you, this is not the best practice for businesses. Here, enter your brand or business name. As it will appear right at the top of your Twitter profile in big, bold letters. Write an engaging Twitter Bio, use real names


Your Twitter profile is likely to appear high up in web search results for your individual or business name. It’s crucial that you use its 160 character bio right (the bio text is used as the search link’s description and, of course, appears on your Twitter profile itself).

Use the small space to accurately and succinctly tell people who you are, what you do. So why they should follow you; use an upbeat tone to reflect Twitter’s fun . And conversational nature, and if you’re an individual, single “descriptor” words separated by commas, lines, or hyphens e.g. globetrotter entrepreneur wine lover.” are commonly used space-savers.


If you’re a company, it’s a good idea to include the real name of the person handling your Twitter account. So that customers feel like more like they’re talking to a person rather than a faceless brand. If you have room, you might also want to throw in a URL, or @mentions to link to other accounts you are associated with. And even brand or industry-related hashtag, too – but be careful that the latter doesn’t mess up the readability and balance of the bio as a whole.


Upload an effective Twitter profile image Ditch the default Twitter avatar and use a photo of yourself or brand logo. You could even combine the two, but make sure that a face is clearly visible. Twitter’s one-to-one interactions mean that people will identify much more closely with a profile. It may displays a person’s smiling face rather than the dreaded default ‘egg’ image or something similarly anonymous.

Buy Twitter PVA accounts. Twitter recommends that your profile image be uploaded at 400 x 400 pixels. To edit your header image, click the “Edit profile” button on your page . And then “Change your profile photo.” Create a custom Twitter header image In April 2014, Twitter rolled out a new version of its desktop profiles, complete with a big 1500 x 500-pixel Facebook-Esque header image – a large banner that spans the whole width of the page, ripe for customizing with your own design. Although a majority of Twitter users now access the site via mobile devices, there’s certainly no harm in making sure your desktop profile captures the imagination of the still-millions of people that browse on desktops.


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Buy Twitter accounts instant delivery. Whether you decide to use this is personal preference. But my advice would be to avoid it, for several reasons. Chances are that you are going to be posting on Twitter much more regularly than Facebook. So you risk the chance of spamming (and upsetting) your Facebook fans.