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What is Gmail?

Gmail is a commonly used word for those people who have computers or smartphones. Because there si no field of social media where you are not required Gmail PVA accounts. Even if you want to use any browser or device, then you should start it with your Gmail account. And email marketing is too much popular a place through that you can get many advantages. While all this is possible when you will buy Gmail accounts. Gmail is a web browser mail service that you can login to any device even it is a computer, smartphone, laptop, or any other browser. This mail service was created on April 1, 2004, by Google while it was offered to the public for use on April 1, 2005.

When it was created, then the storage memory of Gmail was only 1 GB for all users. But in 2004, it was too much memory that was not offered by previous email services. And basic features were added to Gmail before it was offered to the common public. The secret name of Gmail was Caribou and it was too much secret that there were many famous developers and employers of Google who were unaware of this project. However, the first event of Gmail was held on April 1, 2004, and this program was offered. However, it was offered only for Google employers and it was usable only for Google’s internal system. Because there was a need for some important experiments on Gmail and after one year, it was introduced for all people. And now there are more than 1.8 billion people who are using these accounts.

Features of Gmail

As we discuss above that Gmail was launched in 2004, but it was offered to the public after one year. The reason is that there was a lack of some important features and Google did not want to present an email service that is not complete. So the policy waited for people for one year and in the first years, there was added too many features that it rose a perfect email service for personal use. While the growth of email marketing increased, many other features were added in Gmail that was important to use for email marketing. However, for email marketing for your business, you can also buy Gmail accounts and use these accounts for your business growth. Here are some features of Gmail that are old and new. 

Storage memory

There are multiple parts of Gmail storage memory and the initial storage was start from 1 GB. While on the first anniversary of Gmail, Larry Page, Google co-founder has announced to increase its storage to 2 GB. As you know as time passed, there was a need for more storage space to make it easy to use Gmail accounts. And due to this in 2012, the storage memory of Gmail was increased to 7.5 to 10 GB. But all this was possible after the creation of Google Drive. In 2015, Google increase the storage memory of Gmail up to 15 GB; while users were allowed to use Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+ photos through this storage space. After creating another service of Google, Google one, Gmail users can buy additional memory for their business and personal needs. And they can use additional storage memory for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google photos. 

Sharing large size files and documents

Before 2017, it was the role of Gmail to send and receive only 25 MB large-size files, messages, or documents. So no one was allowed to cross this limit and at that time, email marketing was its peak level, its receiving limit was increased to 50 MB, while there was no change in sending limit. But after 2017 and after launching Google Drive, now users can send and receive large-size files and documents through Gmail. But for this purpose, they should insert their message into short pieces through using Google Drive. So you should use Gmail PVA accounts and through these accounts, you can send as much large messages as you want. Buy google voice number as well

Interface of Gmail

The interface of Gmail was totally different from all its competitors and now many email services are using their interface that was initially used by Gmail. The interface of Gmail was too advanced that you can find many features like search, conversation, and group message was only on a single page. It was designed by Kevin Fox and according to him; users should change these things while they will remain on only a single page. The main purpose of such a design was to make it easy for using.

You can use labels on the Gmail interface instead of folders. Because through these labels, you can easily organize your inbox. And make it possible to automatically delete or forward all incoming emails. While all this is possible due to the amazing features of Gmail. However, now there are lots of other features and changes also occurring due to the organization of the Gmail interface.

Gmail search

As you know Gmail is the best email service of all other email services due to its features. And multiple such features of Gmail were new for other email services. And Gmail search is that feature that was initially used by Gmail. If you want to find any email in Gmail, then you should need only 5 seconds, even there are thousands of emails in your inbox. There is a search box on the screen of your Gmail account and if you want to search anything on Gmail, then enter a word. And you will get all those emails that are related to that word. It is the very amazing feature of Gmail and you can find all emails in only 5 seconds.

Schedule emails

If you will buy Gmail accounts for your business, then you can use the best features of Gmail schedule emails. It was not possible before the invention of Gmail to use such features. But now you can use this feature in almost any other email service also. But the first time, this feature was launched only for Gmail users. Through this feature, you can write an email but postponed it for sending. Now you can send optional times and dates and at your chosen time and date, this email will be sent to the receiver. It is a very useful feature of Gmail and through this feature; you can send special emails to special people.

The numbers of features of Gmail are countless and there is expected that in the future, there will be more and more features. So before selecting a business for email; marketing, you should select PVA Gmail accounts. Because without using phone verified Gmail accounts, you cannot use many features of Gmail. So buy Gmail accounts and use the features of Gmail for your personal and business needs.

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